Silver hammered bangle - flora

  • £40.00
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Jangle bangle. Sure you can pick up an armful of bangles on the high street, but where’s the heart in that? Each of my silver bangles has been hammered to give strength, texture and beauty. It also provides a workout for my arms and stress levels. Each is given a unique charm, depending on what kind of vibe I’m feeling that day. Choose from gorgeously colourful semi precious stones, strokably smooth silver botanicals, dreamy stars, or tactile silver. 

Each bangle is lovingly finished to a high standard, and with proper care should last a lifetime. As with all artisan items, it is hand crafted, and as such may show signs of workmanship or slight imperfections. These will never detract from the overall quality or beauty of the jewellery

As with most of my jewellery, you are buying the item you see in the image, nothing is mass produced and everything is a one off.

I may make the item again but will re-take the images as it may be slightly different. 

Embrace the wonk, the imperfections, and enjoy having a unique piece of jewellery that's been made with love.