Silicone and wood teething/nursing necklace: mandala cluster 2

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The mandala range features hand drawn mandala designs on the wooden beads. These are hand drawn by me, so every one is unique (although they will all follow the same pattern as pictured). 

My jewellery is perfect for mums with small children - it's safe for baby to put in their mouth, and it's robust enough to survive a mauling from a toddler. I had to stop wearing my favourite necklaces when I had children, and I really missed it. It's also a great guilt free purchase as it's designed to make you feel stylish, with the added bonus that it can be used as a teether or something to fiddle with. 

I have tried to create pieces that will take mums beyond teething, that they will want to wear regardless of whether their child is around. Something that doesn't scream "teething necklace" at 100 paces.

These necklaces also make perfect gifts for baby showers, for new mums, or for one of your mama squad that's just feeling a bit rubbish and could use cheering up.

The wood has been treated with my homemade organic coconut oil and beeswax polish to protect it from baby drool. Keep the wooden beads nourished with a little coconut oil every now and then to prolong the life of the necklace. 

I am drawn to unusual asymmetrical design, and this has become my signature style. I love a bit of wonk! 

For safety and product information, please see my FAQs. If you have any further questions about the materials used please get in touch, I'm happy to chat. 

My jewellery is first and foremost an accessory. It is not a toy and baby should never be left unattended with it.