Liberty and silicone bracelet: Emilia's Flower **LIMITED EDITION**

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I've developed this pretty Liberty and silicone bracelet specifically for breastfeeding mamas, but it's a cute and durable accessory for anyone who likes it, breastfeeding or not! 

My son is 14 months, and for 13 of those, I've been using a hair bobble on my wrist to remind me which side I fed out of last. I decided enough was enough and made myself something a bit prettier.

It's perfect for breastfeeding mamas because:

  • You don't have to take it off in the shower (I used a bobble because if I used a proper bracelet, I'd remove it to wash then forget what side it was on)
  • The fabric and silicone is soft and durable, so you can wear it in bed (see reasons above!) - and if baby falls asleep on your arm you don't have to worry about a hard bracelet digging into them
  • It's easy to slip on and off your wrist with no fiddly catches or ties
  • It looks awesome, obviously! 

The bracelet is adjustable, so you can tighten or loosen it as you wish. If you've got a baby in one arm you may need to use your teeth! 

This bracelet is made from Liberty fabric and food grade silicone, so the materials will not harm your baby if they give it a chew. My son enjoys fiddling with it so it's great as a distraction. However it is not intended for teething, and is not a toy. Please don't let baby chew on it too much, and never leave them unattended with it.