Saturn - silver necklace

  • £45.00
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This stylish necklace features two silver domes balanced on a silver bar. The silver has been satin polished to give a soft sheen.  

The pendant hangs on a Xmm silver plated chain. 

As with most of my jewellery, you are buying the item you see in the image, nothing is mass produced and everything is a one off.

I may make the item again but will re-take the images as it may be slightly different. Everything is handmade, and as such the pieces may show signs of craftsmanship, as all hand made jewellery does. I find beauty in this imperfection, the sign that this has been made by a real person, not a machine. Every piece is uniquely beautiful. Embrace the wonk, the imperfections, and enjoy having a unique piece of jewellery that's been made with love.