Gift vouchers

If you'd like to buy one of my necklaces as a gift, but aren't sure which one to choose, a gift voucher is perfect.

I have added gift vouchers to my Etsy shop, or you can email to buy (I will then invoice you).

There are a few different options:

- Buy a voucher for a necklace. The cost of this is either £16.50 (for a £14.99 necklace) or £18.50 (for any necklace up to £16.99. This includes postage of the necklace to recipient.
- Buy a voucher for a set amount - £5, £10 or £15. The recipient then pays the balance.
- I'll consider creating custom vouchers if you require something different. Just email me and we'll chat.

I can post the gift card (to you or direct to recipient) for £1 p&p, or you can receive it as an e-voucher for no charge.
Redeem a gift voucher
If you have received a gift voucher, you just need to choose which necklace you want to buy, then enter your code on my Shopify Shop. (Gift vouchers do not work on Etsy).

Alternatively, you can just email me at with your choice and your voucher code. If there is any outstanding balance I will invoice you for this and accept payment via PayPal or BACS, whichever you prefer.