Baby safe jewellery, designed for mums

Babies love to grab and chew, making wearing normal jewellery impractical. I design and make beautifully stylish baby safe jewellery, all hand made by me in Greenwich, SE London. Many pieces can be personalised with a name, date or message (see custom order page). 



My range is designed to bridge the gap between style and practicality for mums who don't want to stop wearing jewellery just because they've got a baby. It will withstand teething and act as a distraction when nursing. I've also found the necklaces are brilliant beyond the baby stage as they are incredibly robust and can survive a mauling from a toddler!

All my jewellery is made of materials safe for baby to chew on, but some ranges are better for teething than others, hence my description of my work as "baby safe jewellery" rather than specifically "teething jewellery" - please read collection descriptions below for further information. 

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My necklaces are perfect as Mother's Day or baby shower gifts, or just for yourself!


Shop by collection:
Clusters of gorgeous colours, these silicone baby safe necklaces are perfect to brighten up any outfit.  This range is specifically designed for teething babies. 
Made of aromatic juniper wood and silicone, these necklaces are a slightly more grown up twist on the 'teething necklace'. I prefer to call them 'baby safe', as although the materials are safe for teething, and the necklace is strong enough to withstand a lot of abuse, too much chomping on the juniper might scratch it and ruin the aesthetic (or give it character!). It won't do any harm to your baby, just your necklace! The wood smells incredible, and is so tactile. 
The Mama range features beads with a burnt in design, allowing you to personalise your necklace, making it extra special. Using a mix of maple wood, silicone, and various cords, these beautiful necklaces make perfect gifts for baby showers or new mums. These necklaces are safe for teething, but the added personalisation and design features mean they have appeal beyond the teething stage as baby safe jewellery. 
Liberty cord, wood and silicone combined to create a gorgeous range of limited edition necklaces. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for the latest additions.
I recommend these necklaces as baby safe, rather than specifically for teething. They are completely safe for teething, but if you have a particularly enthusiastic baby they might damage the Liberty fabric over time. It's reinforced with a stronger hemp cord so there is no safety issue, but it will affect the aesthetic of the necklace if baby chews a hole!
Broderie is so named as the small bead detail reminded me of broderie anglaise. These unusual designs add a touch of quirk to any outfit, and babies love the different textures. These are specifically designed as teething necklaces and are strong enough to withstand a good chew without any damage!
Disco Pop has been so popular it now comes in a variety of colours and has personalisation options too! This is the one I pass to my son at 5.30 in the morning when I don't want to get up and the iPad isn't to hand. Good to fiddle with and specifically designed to be chewed!
Breastfeeding bracelets and baby safe bracelets.