FAQs (teething jewellery)

Can you tell me about the materials used?
Absolutely! My jewellery is made from:

*Food grade silicone beads
This is the same material that most teethers and bottle teats are made from. Silicone is tough, odourless and tasteless, won't get mouldy and doesn't support bacteria.
The beads are:
- Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone
- 100% Non-toxic
- BPA Free
- Lead Free
- PVC Free
- Mercury Free
- Phthalates Free
- Cadmium Free
- FDA Approved
- CPSIA Approved
- LFGB Approved
- SGS Approved
- Non-stick
- Odourless
- Eco-friendly

*Untreated hardwood beads (Canadian maple wood or beech)
Hardwood is naturally antibacterial. Perfect for pieces that are in and out of tiny mouths!

Most of the necklaces are strung on satin or nylon cords, which are very strong.

I also use waxed cotton cord. Again this is very strong and safe.

The Liberty necklaces are strung on 100% cotton cord. This is not as strong as the other cords, so I have reinforced it with hemp cord, which is much stronger.

All necklaces are fitted with a breakaway clasp which will pop open if tugged too hard by a tiny hand!

The personalised beads are marked using a pyrography tool which burns the design into the wood. This means it is safe for teething and won't budge no matter now hard it's gnawed! I do this by hand so every bead is unique.

Each item is carefully quality checked, and I will not let anything I wouldn't be happy for my own son to chew on leave my workshop.


Are the necklaces safe?

The necklaces are made entirely from materials that are safe for baby to chew on. Wood is a traditional material for use in baby teething products, and the wood used in my jewellery is safe to chew, and is either untreated, or treated with baby safe materials (this will be stated in the item description). The silicone beads are certified by the manufacturer, and are produced specifically for use in teething jewellery. 

The cords and clasp are not specifically designed for chewing. 

The necklaces are extremely strong and built to survive a lot of abuse, but please use common sense and check them over before each wear. 

The necklaces are not intended as toys, and children should never be left unattended with them. 


Where do you source your materials from?

The silicone beads are sourced from China. There are currently no UK or EU producers of silicone beads. The maple wood comes from Canada. I source the other materials from a variety of suppliers, but try and source as locally as possible. I take care to ensure I only buy from reputable, ethical suppliers.

I support other small businesses where possible, as I often buy materials in small amounts for limited edition pieces. I do not produce my jewellery in large quantities so this allows me to shop small. 


Do you wholesale?

Yes, I do wholesale. As mentioned above, I do not produce my jewellery in very large quantities. I am not interested in outsourcing production of my work and becoming a company manager and there's only so much I can produce. But if you're a small indie retailer I'd love to chat wholesale with you. 


How do I look after my necklace?

The silicone necklaces can be washed under a tap with some soapy water, or even popped in the top shelf of the dishwasher. You can also steam sterilise it (but don't microwave it!). 

Necklaces with a maple wood bead shouldn't be submerged in water or put in the dishwasher, but you can safely wash them briefly under the tap or with a damp cloth. You can oil the beads to nourish them a little, although this will darken the colour and bring out the grain. Coconut oil or beeswax are best. Olive oil can be used too, but it has a shorter life span and may go rancid. 

The juniper necklaces should just be wiped with a damp cloth. They are polished with beeswax, so if they begin to lose their shine, you can always buff them up again with a little beeswax polish. 


I'm buying as a gift. Can you add a personalised note?

Yes of course. I don't have a function on the website that does this, but if you email me at carlydoveboutique@gmail.com to let me know what you want to say, I'll include a personalised card. I don't include an invoice or any pricing information in the envelope. 

All teething necklaces and Liberty bracelets are posted first class Royal Mail. If you would like tracked postage please let me know and I will adjust the cost accordingly. I ship internationally for a flat rate of £5 (may increase for large orders).


Refunds or cancellations

For hygiene reasons, I do not generally offer refunds. However if, for any reason, you are unhappy with your order, please contact me and I will do my best to sort it out. Customer satisfaction is really important to me. 

You may cancel your order within 24 hours. Email carlydoveboutique@gmail.com to do so. Cancellations later than 24 hours may be granted as long as I have not despatched the order.