Liberty and silicone bracelet: Mama

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I always get asked if my Liberty breastfeeding bracelets can be worn by nonbreastfeeding mums or even non parents. Of course! They are just designed with breastfeeding mums in mind but anyone can wear them.

I've now brought out this new bracelet with a wooden bead, which makes it slightly less feeding friendly (just because the wood is hard so might dig into baby, and shouldn't be submerged in water a lot). 

You can choose your fabric, silicone bead colour, and what your bead says! If you want a date or some other text on the reverse, that can be done for a small surcharge (usually £2), but please check with me before buying, email 

This bracelet is made from Liberty fabric, unfinished grass tree wooden bead, and food grade silicone, so the materials will not harm your baby if they give it a chew. My son enjoys fiddling with it so it's great as a distraction. However it is not intended for teething, and is not a toy. Please don't let baby chew on it too much, and never leave them unattended with it.