What sets us apart as a brand?

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Here at Carly Dove Boutique, you'll find truly unique necklaces which make perfect gifts, for you or someone else. I'm really proud to have created a range of jewellery that is genuinely different from anything else currently on the market. 

So what sets my jewellery apart from the others? 

Baby safe, not just teething. My brand incorporates both teething jewellery and baby safe/child proof jewellery. Everything is made out of teething safe materials, so your baby will come to no harm from any of my products (when used correctly) if they are used to teethe on. But the juniper and Liberty print ranges are better for when baby is a bit older and not chewing so much, as they may get aesthetically damaged more easily than the other ranges. This allows me to be a little more creative with the jewellery I make, and gives it a more lasting appeal as it's intended for use beyond the teething stage. I put a lot of thought into the materials and designs used in my work, and everything is designed to be robust enough to cope with the demands of living with small children! The jewellery is designed for mums, not just teething babies. 

I offer personalisation. This is the biggie. Other brands use silicone beads with letters printed on to create words, but Carly Dove Boutique is currently the only place you'll find hand lettered personalised wooden beads. I can do any wording, and attempt any artwork you require! The design is created using a pyrography tool, so is burnt in. This means the design will not budge no matter how much it's chewed! You also don't have to worry about chemicals in dyes or paint.


More intricate designs. Particularly the Broderie and Disco Pop ranges. These offer a slightly more interesting look than a straight string of beads. 

Constant product development. I'm always looking for new materials to use in my products, and I find the whole product development side of things really exciting. I'll be developing new ranges every season, so keep checking back to see what's new!

All Carly Dove jewellery is hand made at my home in Greenwich, SE London, and I "road test" each design myself to ensure it's durable and fit for purpose. I really care about my product, and every sale makes my day. 

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