Teething necklaces - a mum essential?

Well of course I'm going to say yes. Teething necklaces are, for me, - big mum essential. I was alerted to a recent post on that den of vipers, Mumsnet, charmingly entitled "Teething necklaces...wtf?" The poster couldn't understand why anyone would want a slobbery lump of garish rubber around their neck. Well quite frankly neither can I. That's not what my teething necklaces are about. Let me explain.

My teething necklaces are designed primarily for mums, to look good for mums, and be practical for mums. Not to be attractive for babies (although anything dangly around your neck is always going to be attractive to babies!). The name "teething necklace" is perhaps misleading, and I generally like to refer to my work as "baby safe jewellery". It's for YOU, Mama! Just happens to also be practical. Treat yo'self!

I use a mixture of silicone, maple wood, juniper wood, and Liberty prints to create jewellery that women would hopefully want to wear regardless of its baby safe properties. I'm not saying I prefer it to a diamond necklace...I'm not mad, but what diamond necklace is going to survive soft play, horsie, teething, tantrums...you get the picture. And do you really want your good jewellery covered in snot? Didn't think so.

My teething necklaces can also be personalised, which I believe is currently unique amongst teething necklaces. It just makes it that little bit more special, and is brilliant as a gift for a new mum.

So in a nutshell, my baby safe jewellery looks good, but is strong, washable, chewable...perfect for mums with small children who still want to accessorise.

If nothing else it'll draw the eye from your snot streaked t shirt eh?