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If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen that I've entered the ballot for the London marathon in 2018! Eek! I know it's really unlikely I'll get a place, but you never know!

I've also entered a local 10K in July and a half marathon in September. If you'd told me this a year ago, I'd have thought you were mad! I started Couch to 5k about this time last year, having never run before and never thinking it would become such a part of my life. 

As a mum it's so hard to fit in self care, and this includes exercise. I really struggled up til recently (March). I'd been trying to run three times a week, but with a non-sleeping baby and a husband with erratic work hours, it just wasn't happening. I'd be too tired to get out early enough before husband left for work, and was always ready with an excuse that made it not my fault. It wasn't until I started running 5-7k with the buggy three times a week I really got it nailed - it helps because I'm not relying on anyone else to get out there, I don't need childcare, and I'm awake and out anyway to drop my 4yo at pre school. The only excuse I now have is "I don't want to" - and that's just not good enough! 

A big contributing factor to this new mindset was the Supercharged Club - a course all about changing mindset, achieving goals and making better choices. I'd recommend it to anyone who is really ready to make positive changes in their life. It's not a magic fix, you need to do the work, and so you really have to want to make it work if you're going to get the most out of it, but for me it's been so worth it. 

I also love the RunMummy Run Facebook group,which is full of inspirational ladies! 

And if I get into this bloody marathon I'll need all the inspiration I can get 😂😂

Me and my running buggy buddy 😍


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