Juniper teething necklaces #juniperv

Posted by Carly Dove on

I am so, so in love with juniper wood! I ordered a small amount of juniper beads just as an experiment, and when they arrived they were so incredible I immediately went to order more but they were SOLD OUT! Woe! So this range is limited edition for now. But I promise there'll be more!

The beads have a great aroma, and are lovely and smooth to touch, so incredibly tactile. 

Ive been teaming them with waxed cotton for a simple, chic look, and with Liberty cord for a more statementy piece. 


The juniper beads are slightly softer than the maple and beech that I usually use, so although it's a wood that's commonly used for teething products, it's more likely to get scratched if you have an aggressive biter! I like to think it adds character. 😂 For that reason though, I'd recommend the juniper and Liberty cord necklaces as baby safe and nursing jewellery rather than specifically for teething, although they are completely safe to chew. 

The hashtag "juniperv" was suggested by my friend Adam from Season microbakery (if you're SE London based check out his sourdough!) and it tickled me so much I've been using it ever since. 

I can't wait to get my hands on more of this lovely stuff! 

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