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**This is not a sponsored or affiliated post, it's just stuff I like**

Lots of people buy my necklaces as gifts for new mums, or for baby showers. Particularly when it's not the mum's first baby, as second (or third!) time round you've already got a lot of the kit. They're great for this as they're a gift for the mum, but also really practical to wear when wrangling small children! They're also great gifts as they can be customised.

This got me thinking about what other type of gift I would have liked when I had my children, and I came up with the following:

  • Vouchers for a cleaner! 
  • A coffee subscription, e.g. Pact.
  • A selection of books by Sarah Ockwell Smith to make me feel better about sleep! Her books are immensely comforting if you've chosen a gentle sleep approach. 
  • Machine-washable, tumble-dryable but luxurious lounge wear. Because I'm not leaving the sofa any time soon. Hush have a good selection of quality but casual clothes. 
  • A nice pair of slippers. See above. I'm liking these from Hobbs. If only because they describe the Pom Pom as "irreverent" and who wouldn't want a pair of irreverent slippers?!

  • Some brightly coloured muslins. Cheery and practical. I love these from Faye and Lou. 
  • A mug I will love drinking my tea and coffee from. Preferably something with gold dots. This one from Kate Spade is a good choice as it's pretty and thermal, because all mum's know you never get to drink your tea hot when you've got smalls. 

  • An Ocado Smart Pass (free delivery and discounts!)
  • A vat of Touche Eclat. 
  • Silver nipple shields. I had to use cabbage. Silver seems much more dignified. They are called Silverettes and if I have another baby I'm definitely trying them! 


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